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We developed a unique framework with which every organisation can launch their own branded mobile app for a low monthly fee. Choose your own modules and design the perfect app for your organisation.

Start now, and build your own personalized app within minutes! Go to Almanapp Playground and try it out.

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About Almanapp

Bas Krijgsman
CTO & IOS developer

Mark Gertsen
CCO & Sales

Joeri Thissen
Lead Developer

Djurre de Boer
Android Developer

Jurgen Nijland
Bug Exterminator

Duco van den Bold

Jari Meevis
Support & Testing

Guan Lid
Office manager

Dolle Dollie
Office dog

Our story

Almanapp has been established in 2013 in Groningen, the Netherlands. Our purpose is to develop a mobile app for every organisation, small or big. With this app, organisations can optimise and modernise their internal communication and information distribution.

Through the rise of the mobile phone, websites are more often than not used to promote the face of the organisation to the outside world, while an interactive mobile app serves more as platform for members.

Almanapp’s apps serve tens of thousands of users nowadays and visibly improve the involvement of members within the organisation.

Our customers consist of boards from student societies, study associations, companies, communities and event organisations.


Sophie van der Stap
(Studentassociation Vindicat)

“Our members do not visit our mobile website that often. However, since everyone does use the app we can now easily notify everyone of important news of our association.”

Jacobine Muntendam
(Studentassociation MARUG)

“We use the app for both our internal communication and as a bridge between the active and somewhat less active members.”

Laurien Klaassen
(Studentassociation La Confrérie)

“The Almanapp works very well as an easy, fun and interactive communication tool within La Confrérie. It initiates friendships and functions as a gateway to career opportunities for our members.”

Partners & Media

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